The Marriage Race: Which State Will Be Next? Part 1

EDGE Boston
June 5, 2008
"The California ruling is of enormous importance both because it is so powerful and solid coming from a careful, cautious and highly respected court," said Evan Wolfson. "The influence that will that this decision will have in helping Americans to see families helped and no one hurt couldn’t be bigger," he said. [Link]

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Lambda Legal’s Safety Scale: Respect for Same-Sex Couples’ Relationships

Lambda Legal
April 2008

Thinking about traveling or moving to another state but wondering if they respect same-sex couples’ relationships? Check this scale to see where each state falls. (pdf Link)

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OPINION: MD’s highest court rules against marriage equality: Why, in this area, litigation still mat

FindLaw's Writ
October 2, 2007
Despite the existence of pro- or anti-freedom to marry laws in nearly every state, litigation is still very relevant. This article provides a rundown of how it can be relevant in various states. [Link]

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Non-gay Americans to “come out” for gay rights on October 7-13, 2007

PR Web
September 24, 2007
From Santa Rosa, California, to Montgomery, Alabama, to Augusta, Maine, overnight vigils will light up American cities over the course of seven nights, providing unprecedented visibility to heterosexual men and women with the conviction to stand up for their gay and lesbian friends and neighbors. These fair-minded straight folks are showing their elected officials that equality is not a secular issue, not a gay issue, not an urban elite issue, not an east coast or a west coast issue—it's an American issue This grassroots groundswell, dubbed Seven Straight Nights for Equal Rights, was initiated by Soulforce and Atticus Circle, two Texas-based organizations with members across the nation. [Link]

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Historic post-election results

Freedom to Marry Press Release
November 8, 2006
"Win or lose, we are involved in a steady campaign of engagement, based not on election cycles, but on patient and persistent conversations that give people the information they need, and the time required to absorb that information," said Evan Wolfson. "We are committed to engaging this conversation until we achieve an end to discrimination in all 50 states." [link]

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