Why Marriage Matters to Asians and Pacific Islanders

 OVERVIEW: The Asian Pacific Islander community is one of the fastest growing demographic groups in the country. The Census Bureau calculated in 2005 that therewere 14 million APIs living in the United States, a population that was projected to triple over the next 50 years. In a groundbreaking study of LGBT APIs conducted by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, 33 percent of LGBT APIs reported being in a committed relationship, while another 10% reported being in a same-sex domesticpartnership.

Today, Asians and Pacific Islanders continue to play a leading role in the efforts to secure the freedom to marry for same-sex couples. Many in the Asian and Pacific Islander community serve as plaintiffs, lawyers, organizers, and allies in local, state, and national efforts to win marriage for committed same-sex couples. These leaders also conduct outreach, in multiple languages, to promote LGBT acceptance within API communities. And they continue to build support for the freedom to marry by talking about how marriage upholds tradition and promotes strong families and communities. 

PROMINENT VOICES: Many leaders in the API community have voiced strong support for the freedom to marry. 

API Equality is one of the leading organizations advocaging for fairness and equality in the API and LGBT communities. The group has honed in on the freedom to marry as an important progressive issue, working at the grassroots level to reach a wide variety of Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders to help them understand why marriage matters.

During the Proposition 8 struggle, Asian-American leaders and organizations in California joined together in order to oppose the anti-gay law. From actor George Takei to journalist Helen Zia to actor-turned-politician John Cho, many Asian-American celebrities spoke out. In addition, figures like John Chiag, the CA State Controller; Judy Chu, the CA Board of Equalization Chair; and a number of CA State Assembly members lent their support to the freedom to marry. 

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