Young people are increasingly raising their voices in the national conversation on the freedom to marry. Youth across the nation--gay and non-gay alike--support the freedom to marry as a basic and fundamental belief.

Nationwide, polling shows strong majorities of people under age 30 support the freedom to marry. A recent Washington Post/ABC News poll conducted in February 2010 found that a 65 percent of young people under 30 – more than six in 10 - support the right of gay and lesbian couples to marry. A survey conducted by the Higher Education Research Institute found that 65 percent of college freshmen supported the freedom to marry. And recent research shows that a majority of young people in almost every state support ending the exclusion of gays and lesbians from marriage.

Young people today can help create the future they will inherit. Whether speaking out for the freedom to marry or fighting against attacks on families, it is crucial to work toward equality now.

“It’s not often that the progress worth fighting for can be realistically expected in its entirety in any one lifetime or generation. As the youngpeople of this generation, we are primed to see this issue come to a resolution in a timeframe that might mean we enter full adulthood with oneless struggle, one less fragment of institutionalized intolerance that weighs on us as individuals and as a community.”

—Andrew Blumenfeld, “Marriage Equality: Students Can Lead the Way.” August 2010

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