Our federal and state constitutions are the principal blueprints for how we Americans govern ourselves, the treasured safeguards of national unity and personal freedom. Most Americans believe that our Constitution should protect equality and expand rights for all, not be used as a weapon for transient political agendas, ideological prejudices, or discrimination.

There has been a wave of attacks on the U.S. and state constitutions mounted by those who seek to impose their views on all fifty states and all future generations, but the truth is beginning to prevail and victories are starting to add up against these discriminatory measures. Federal efforts to write discrimination into the constitution have been halted in several state legislatures, and although anti-gay initiatives passed in California, Florida, and Arizona in November 2008, and in North Carolina in May 2012, the freedom to marry finally triumphed at the ballot in November 2012. Minnesota became the first state to defeat an anti-gay, anti-marriage amendment at the ballot, showing how far we've come in recent years.  

As more discriminatory amendments are proposed, the fight to protect our constitutions continues.


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Voters in MN defeat anti-marriage constitutional amendment

Voters in Minnesotan have voted AGAINST a proposed constitutional amendment that would have permanently limited the freedom to marry for same-sex couples. This win, taken with wins in Maine and Maryland, makes tonight a historic day for the campaign to win marriage nationwide.

Watch: Evan Wolfson speaks at the Center on Law and Government

Evan Wolfson speaks at North Carolina's Center on Law and Government.

Minnesotan Republican pens powerful commentary in favor of marriage

This past weekend, Minnesotan Republican Wheelock Whitney published a powerful opinion editorial in the Star Tribune about his opposition to the proposed constitutional amendment that would ban marriages for gay and lesbian couples.

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