Election 2006

Elections results in 2006 show how gay people didn't hurt but rather helped progressives.

Some key results were:

    * Wisconsin Republican Congressman James Sensenbrenner told the Wisconsin media that the state's anti-gay ballot measures blew up in the face of the GOP and cost them control of the state legislature (and the Democrat Governor they were targeting was resoundingly reelected, despite passage of the attack measure).
    * In Virginia, Republicans "credited" the ballot measure with bringing enough progressives and Democrats to the polls to elect Webb and thus give the Democrats control of the US Senate.
    * The anti-gay measure in Arizona was defeated, and we saw the margins drop considerably, reflecting progress (though we are still under attack and need to fight affirmatively as well as help those now extra-discriminated against).
    * And finally, not a single pro-gay legislator was defeated by an anti-gay or anti-marriage equality legislator anywhere in the country (including CA, MA, etc., where legislators stood for marriage equality) because of this question, and numerous new pro-marriage candidates (including two governors: NY and MA) were elected in states such as CT, NH, CA, NY, and MA.


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