Election 2008

Election 2008 gave the nation a sense of hope, and even though anti-gay amendments passed in some states, the election further paved the path to equality.

    "I am buoyed by the great news from around the country. This includes not just the historic and inspiring election of Barack Obama, but enhanced opportunities to press forward for marriage in other states in 2009 while we work to restore the freedom to marry in California, sooner than some think. From the millions who voted right in California and the thousands of gay and non-gay people who worked together to defeat Prop 8 to the majorities already with us among crucial populations (for example, young people of every race), I see the progress we have made and the foundation for the work needed ahead, provided we don't allow what we've built to dissipate."

    — Evan Wolfson


Blog Posts Related to Election 2008

Marriage equality supporters urge California Supreme Court to reject federal appeals court request

An attorney for same-sex couples hoping to overturn Proposition 8 in federal court urged the California Supreme Court on Tuesday to reject a federal appeals court request to determine whether state law gives initiative sponsors legal authority to defend ballot measures.

9th Circuit punts key Prop 8 question to California Supreme Court

The 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals panel said Tuesday it would not rule on the constitutionality of Proposition 8 until it gets a ruling from the California Supreme Court as to whether Yes on 8 proponents of the initiative have an “authoritative” entitlement to represent the voters who passed the initiative in the appeal in federal court.

Evan Wolfson: "Further delay in restoring the freedom to marry in California is a lamentable hardship on couples, but I am confident that we will regain the freedom to marry in California soon."

9th Circuit Wants Help With Prop. 8

The ninth circuit court of appeals is asking the California supreme court to advise on whether antigay groups have standing to appeal a federal judge's decision that struck down Proposition 8.

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Resources Related to Election 2008

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Party Principles: Support for the Freedom to Marry by State and National Political Parties

A listing of both state and national political parties that have made strong statements in support of the freedom to marry.

Proposition 8: Who gave in the gay marriage battle?

A database and breakdown of contributions to campaigns from California's Proposition 8.

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