March 4, 2019

Freedom to Marry Global Welcomes Proposed Marriage Legislation in Taiwan

Press Contact:
Cameron Tolle
On Tuesday, March 5, Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan will begin consideration of landmark legislation affirming same-sex couples’ freedom to marry. If enacted, the bill - which seeks to implement the Constitutional Court’s 2017 ruling that marriage is a fundamental right protected by the Constitution - would mark Asia’s first freedom to marry win for same-sex couples. 
In response, Freedom to Marry Global’s Evan Wolfson released the following statement:
“Freedom to Marry Global welcomes this bill that would secure the freedom to marry for same-sex couples in Taiwan - a first for Asia. While some collateral discrimination persists in the bill’s first draft, particularly as regards adoption and Taiwanese seeking to marry non-citizens, it is a monumental measure that will ensure same-sex couples the freedom to marry - and nothing less - thus affording much-needed respect and protections gay Taiwanese and their families. This bill ensures that same-sex couples - like all other families - can follow in their parents’ footsteps and fully participate in Taiwanese traditions under the rule of law. 
“Taiwan has long been a regional leader in the promotion of democratic ideals and the advancement of LGBT equality. We urge members of the Legislative Yuan to follow the command of the Constitution by swiftly passing such legislation, ideally without discrimination in adoption and in the treatment of binational couples, fulfilling Taiwan’s values as a democratic and pluralistic, welcoming society, and furthering momentum in Asia for human rights, including the freedom to marry.
“Same-sex couples can now share in the freedom to marry in 26 countries around the world, which means that more than 1.1 billion people now live in freedom to marry countries, more than 15% of the world’s population. This progress and ongoing momentum provides a mountain of evidence and experience showing that when discrimination and exclusion end, families are helped and no one hurt.”