About Freedom to Marry

Freedom to Marry is the campaign to win marriage nationwide.

Freedom to Marry’s national strategy has focused from the beginning on setting the stage for a national victory at the Supreme Court. Working with national and state organizations and allied individuals, we built a critical mass of states where same-sex couples can marry and a critical mass of public support in favor of the freedom to marry. This laser-like focus combined with the hard work of changing hearts and minds has brought us marriage nationwide.

How We Won: A Look At Freedom to Marry's Work

The Freedom to Marry at the U.S. Supreme Court

On June 26, 2015, the United States Supreme Court issued a historic, sweeping ruling in favor of the freedom to marry in Obergefell v. Hodges. The unprecedented decision, decades in the making, brought the freedom to marry to same-sex couples across the country, ending marriage discrimination once and for all.

On January 16, the U.S. Supreme Court granted review to an out-of-step ruling from the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and heard an oral argument on April 28th on marriage for same-sex couples. The case could decide the question nationwide and bring the country to national resolution on the freedom to marry.

In order to create the climate that maximizes the chances for a favorable ruling from the Supreme Court, Freedom to Marry left no stone unturned, ratcheting up our work to show without a doubt that America is ready for the freedom to marry and that every day of denial causes real harms and injustice to gay families.

In the states still discriminating, Freedom to Marry beefed up our field campaigns to grow groups of first responders, business leaders, and clergy who demonstrate the diverse majority of support for marriage. We wflooded the national media with stories of real families who are harmed by discrimination while highlighting the undeniable fact that the sky is not falling in states with marriage and “backlash” has been non-existent. We deployed national TV and print ads to drive the national narrative heading into oral arguments before the Supreme Court. We used our cutting-edge digital program to implement innovative online campaigns that amplify our field and earned media work and engaged millions of Americans in effective actions to show broad support for the freedom to marry.

With aggressive earned media, digital, and field strategies, Freedom to Marry made the case that America – all of America – is ready for the freedom to marry for same-sex couples.

Following the Roadmap to Victory

Freedom to Marry’s "Roadmap to Victory" was the national strategy that has brought us to victory in our fight to end marriage discrimination. The three tracks of the Roadmap included (1) Winning marriage in more states, (2) Growing public support for marriage, and (3) Ending federal marriage discrimination. Our national strategy led to a wave of pro-marriage court rulings, historic victories at the ballot, and triumphant legislative campaigns that have brought the freedom to marry to all of America.

The “Roadmap to Victory” is also the strategy through which we’ve grown public support to record highs of 59% nationally, with majority support in every region of the country, including the South.

Freedom to Marry’s History

Freedom to Marry was launched in 2003 by Evan Wolfson, the civil rights attorney generally considered the architect of the national marriage equality movement. From a prophetic vision once shared by only a few, the marriage movement has rapidly gained traction with the American public. In the past decade, we secured the freedom to marry in 33 states and the District of Columbia (with 2 additional states having the freedom to marry imminently), built a majority of robust and diverse majority of Americans who support marriage for same-sex couples, and created the climate to allow the United States Supreme Court to strike down the central part of the so-called Defense of Marriage Act in June 2013.

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